According to IT act 2000 this document will be considered as the legal agreement between both the parties..

This agreement is made on this day

Where the First party is a renowned company doing the business of lodging that comes under hospitality sector

Whereas the Second Party is a company engaged in the work of tour and travel packaging and more specifically in the field of selling hotel accommodations of various hotels through its very specialized and highly skilled activities like digital marketing, leads generations and web designing.

The parties have discussed the matter of business development for the First party and the second party where both are working for the benefits of each other and have agreed to enter into a agreement for mutual benefits on following terms:

  1. That the first party is allowing the second party to promote their property on and properties owned by second party.
  2. That the Second party shall use all the digital ways and means in order to promote the property of first party.
  3. That the Second party is allowed to book the property of first party for both micro and major stays (micro stays are not going to be priority bookings they are just the subject of availability i.e if at the same time hotel get any major booking and no other room is available at the property then hotel has the right to cancel this microstay booking)
  4. That the second party shall gather all the information related to the sales, feedback, market search and quality enhancement of the products of the First party and shall take effective steps for the mutual benefits of the both the parties.
  5. Non-poaching clause- Both parties are agree that they will be no poaching from any of the sides else wise other party reserves the right to cancel this agreement.
  6. That the first party agree for our local id accepted(original aadhar card, driving license, voter id card) and no question ask policy.
  7. That the first party will send 5-11 images and normal booking price list of their hotel for both major and minor stays on our mail id (
  8. That second party will charge 10% of the total booking amount from the first party or first party will gave us fix price for each booking later on on what ever price we will sell the booking will be our commision only
  9. Either first party or second party receives the payment, in each case commission will be divided within a week from both the ends.
  10. 10. Both the parties will only liable to pay the taxes of their earned commission.